Lately, the NebulaPlan ecosystem which focuses on global hash rate, is preparing to launch its ecosystem “window” – QuarkHash as NebulaPlan’s hash rate exchange platform. The launch would allow users to purchase quantitative hash rate on the platform. This will be a crucial step forward for the NebulaPlan hash rate ecosystem, as it makes the breakthrough with hash rate mining in the cryptocurrency field. It will also signify the beginning of the NebulaPlan ecosystem. QuarkHash will not only be NebulaPlan’s hash rate exchange platform, it will also be the first hash rate alliance in the ecosystem. In future, it is expected that more members will appear in the ecosystem from the alliance and assume different functions.

NebulaPlan’s overall ecosystem model has the potential to enhance the current state of hash rate field, as it could rectify existing problems of overcentralisation and unfair distribution. NebulaPlan aggregates global hash rate in a decentralized manner. It uses blockchain technology as the underlying technology to conduct matching for hash rate. This allows users to access high-quality and cheap hash rate supply. In future, with rapid technological advancement, the NebulaPlan ecosystem is expected to provide stable and reliable hash rate for state-of-the-art technologies, and fuel their development globally.

At present, QuarkHash is in a strategic partnership with world-renowned, Singapore based mining rig, Bitmain PTE.LTD.. Bitmain PTE.LTD. plays a pivotal role in the current cryptocurrency and hash rate field. Earlier on, Bitmain PTE.LTD. took control of more than 75% of the market share of SHA256 ASIC mining rig. At the same time, it is also directly controlling about 65% of Bitcoin’s entire network hash rate, exerting actual control of about 80 to 85% of hash rate. Bitmain PTE.LTD. will join the NebulaPlan ecosystem as a hash rate member in this partnership and provide infrastructure such as hash rate and mining rigs. The partnership is likely to accelerate the development of the NebulaPlan ecosystem and uplift its hash rate integration capabilities. It is expected that more hash rate providers will also be attracted to join the NebulaPlan ecosystem.

Nebula hash rate nodes are currently distributed in Asia, Europe, America and other regions. Its hash rate is 100% authentic and supports all global nodes. QuarkHash’s network implements SSL encrypted communication and adopts multi-level cold storage of encrypted currency to guarantee the security of deposits. QuarkHash does not set a minimum amount of deposits, hence lowering the barrier of entry for customers outside the industry.

The NebulaPlan ecosystem is concurrently launching its exchange wallet, Merkaba, with the hash rate exchange platform. After users purchase hash rate products in the ecosystem, the cryptocurrency revenue they obtained will be directly deposited into the wallet in a decentralized way. NebulaPlan’s hash rate ecosystem is slated to support futures trading using contracts and quantitative approach. The hash rate contracts will be embodied in the form of digital currency. Holding hash rate contracts would mean holding the rights to exchange hash rates. Merkaba will likely become the main medium for hash rate contracts in future, therefore it holds great significance to the NebulaPlan Ecosystem.

Hash rate, bandwidth, and storage have become the troika of technological development over time. The main demand from high-end technology is hash rate, hence it forms the “ceiling” of technological development. As NebulaPlan continues to improvise the different segments and functions within the ecosystem, it shows the potential to become a global hash rate supply station. With the hash rate exchange platform as the starting point, NebulaPlan ecosystem has no doubt taken its first step.

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