Pirates of the Arrland Announces ARRC Listing and Enhanced RUM Liquidity

Warsaw, Poland, July 2, 2024 – Pirates of the Arrland, a Play & Earn ecosystem, has announced key developments including listing its ARRC token and improved liquidity for its RUM token. These updates will enhance the ecosystem’s economic framework and player engagement.

The pirate-themed project Pirates of the Arrland consists of an MMO on-chain strategy game, an AI-driven metaverse, and several competitive off-chain games. The initiative employs blockchain technology to create a unique user experience through NFT assets, deflationary tokenomics, and varied gameplay modes.RUM is a deflationary token in which 50% of tokens used for minting new NFTs are burnt until an 80% supply reduction from total supply can be achieved to keep economic stability while encouraging long-term participation.

The project targets some common problems found in blockchain games. Pirates of the Arrland provides multiple game modes designed for different demographics including crypto enthusiasts or traditional gamers. To ensure economic stability is maintained Pirates of the Arrland involves burning 50% of tokens used when minting NFTs with their deflationary mechanism for RUM tokens. Pirates of the Arrland combines account abstraction between traditional video gaming space and blockchain elements thus enabling players who do not have complex setups to engage with them.

The Pirates of Arrland team, led by Norbert and Dominik, has built the entire ecosystem from inception– including reward systems and sales strategies. They have also achieved such complex milestones as integrating with Immutable X, successful NFT sales, and partnerships with industry giants like Chainlink, ImmutableX, or Polygon OnChain which provide technological backing up to market credibility.

To enhance the gaming experience by making transactions scalable, cheap, and safe they integrated the Polygon blockchain recently. The migration of NFTs as well as game assets from ImmutableX onto Polygon enables the use of advanced on-chain game mechanics while supporting strong in-game economics where among them are pirates islands ships mo ba tournaments staking burning mechanisms resources missions etcetera.

Through ARRC tokens players can trade resources using an on-chain resource management and trading system. This encourages strategic resource management thus supporting the in-game economy. Moreover, through on-chain island development coupled with resource production, it allows players to upgrade their in-game assets which gives them strategic advantages thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The Pirates of the Arrland roadmap outlines goals for future development:

  1. Short-Term Goals (Next 3 Months):
    • Complete NFT migration to Polygon.
    • Implement on-chain resource trading and enhanced MOBA gameplay mechanics.
    • Organize regular community events and tournaments.
  2. Medium-Term Goals (3-6 Months):
    • Introduce new gameplay modes, advanced strategic map gameplay, and complex resource management systems.
    • Continue improving MOBA gameplay with NFT items and new features.
  3. Long-Term Goals (6-12 Months):
    • Expand the ecosystem with new NFT collections, gameplay modes, and interactive elements.
    • Grow the user base through feature enhancements, marketing campaigns, and strategic partnerships.
    • Ensure long-term economic sustainability through updates, balancing mechanisms, and community-driven development.

Community participation has been an important part of the Pirates of Arrland development. Genesis NFT holders were involved in game testing and giving feedback during the early stages among other things. All players were given early access to tournaments, leagues, and many more events. The development team always keeps in touch with the community through chats such as Telegram and Discord so that they can promptly act upon players’ feedback.

Pirates of Arrland utilizes the Polygon network to ensure secure game mechanics, economic activities, and asset management which are also scalable and cost-effective. Different on-chain components have been incorporated for a lively gaming experience that will attract both traditional gamers as well as crypto enthusiasts.

The move to Polygon is expected to bring new users from different backgrounds together while at the same time improving NFT utility hence driving adoption for $MATIC. This project is decentralized with complex game mechanics showing how capable Polygon can be when supporting advanced gaming applications.

About Pirates of the Arrland

Pirates of the Arrland is a Play & Earn ecosystem that includes an MMO on-chain strategy game, an AI-driven metaverse, and various competitive off-chain games. The project integrates blockchain technology to create a unique user experience through a combination of NFT assets, deflationary tokenomics, and diverse gameplay modes. Pirates of the Arrland aims to build a thriving ecosystem that attracts and retains a wide range of players and enthusiasts.

Media Contact:

Name: Kacper Golinski

Email: [email protected]
Location: Poland Wroclaw 

Website: https://arrland.com/